Collaborative Librarianship, Vol 5, No 2 (2013)

Crossing Borders: Two Academic Librarians and a Young Adult Librarian Collaborate to Teach Teens about Sustainability

George J. Aulisio, Sheli McHugh


Two academic librarians from The University of Scranton’s Weinberg Memorial Library partnered with a young adult librarian from the Scranton Public Library to help plan, organize, and implement, a sustainability themed summer series of events for a teen group. This paper discusses experiences of collaborating across traditional library boundaries from perspectives of a technical services librarian, an academic reference librarian, and a young adult librarian united to work together and educate teens about going green. Various resources and literature helped build a successful summer series on sustainability and demonstrated the important role librarians can play in promoting related environmental issues. The project also formed a meaningful bond between a public librarian and two academic librarians.

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