Collaborative Librarianship, Vol 1, No 3 (2009)

Escaping the Island of Lost Faculty: Collaboration as a Means of Visibility

Anthony Joseph Fonseca, Van P. Viator


Academic librarians are often physically and intellectually isolated at their institutions, and need to accept much of the blame. Professional literature shows that librarians continue to argue against the responsibilities of tenure, despite the fact that in two of the three usual rubrics of tenure, publication and service, they share a level playing field with teaching faculty. In addition, academic librarians will not be treated equally unless they begin to think and work outside of the physical academic library. This article argues for a multidisciplinary approach to academic librarianship, with an emphasis on collaboration as a means to develop visibility through presentations at every level, publications in multidisciplinary peer-reviewed journals, professional memberships in organizations outside of librarianship, and active, vocal committee participation. By reinventing themselves as both subject / discipline and research methods experts, academic librarians make themselves more visible scholars at their institutions.

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