Collaborative Librarianship, Vol 2, No 2 (2010)

Libraries and Sustainability in Developing Countries: Leadership Models Based on Three Successful Organizations

Athena Michael


The purpose of this study is to examine leadership styles highly effective in building sustainable libraries in developing countries. The author studies the leadership of three organizations: Room to Read, Central Asia Institute (CAI), and the Hester J. Hodgdon (HJH) Libraries for All Program, each focusing to some extent on libraries and literacy in developing countries. Following a review of the history of sustainability in the library community, aspects of Andy Hargreaves’ and Dean Fink’s principles of sustainable leadership are referenced in an analysis of the leadership styles found in these organizations. The author concludes that, although Room to Read, CAI, and HJH Libraries for All Program were not founded by librarians, their successful modes of leadership represent collaborative initiatives that help build sustainable communities and offer models of leadership for the profession of librarianship.

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