Table of Contents


Redefinitions and the Growing Importance of Library Collaboration PDF
Ivan Gaetz 102-103

Scholarly Articles

The Sound of the Crowd: Using Social Media to Develop Best Practices for Open Access Workflows for Academic Libraries Abstract PDF
Jill Emery, Graham Stone 104-111
Low-Hanging Fruit: Leveraging Short-Term Partnerships to Advance Academic Library Outreach Goals Abstract PDF
Erin E. Meyer 112-120

From the Field

Collaboration as a Key Component of Library Servce: A Presidential Perspective Abstract PDF
Courtney Young 121-123
The Blended Desk and its Consequences on Collaboration Abstract PDF
Christopher Magee, Michael Perini 124-129

Viewpoints: Technology Matters

Top Trends and Libraries - 2015 is our Year PDF
Lori Bowen Ayre 130-131


Review of “Using Social Media to Promote International Collaboration” PDF
Alison Hicks 132-133